S t o n e T a l k s
2017, 2 hours, stone circle near Otterstedt

I want to step into contact with something supernatural through a Celtic stone circle and its supposedly energetic place, like the celtics did for reaching a higher knowledge.
I intuitively spend most of my time with the big stone in the middle of the area. It is centrally located in the circle area and has about the circumference of a human.
I try through all the actions that come to mind (Do yoga on the stone, feel like a stone, make a frottage of the stone, pick up stone dust and swallow it, talk to the stone, run around the stone until I am out of power; urinate from the stone, meditate on the stone, ; caress the stone; to hear the stone; move the stone, until I am out of power, be the stone) to establish a contact. I do not suceed, after 90 minutes i give up the performance.