Toni Ehrhardt
*1990 in Eisenach
works in Bremen (GER) and Porto (PT)

2017-2019  MFA Fine Arts at University of Applied Arts and Sciences, Ottersberg
2012-2015  BA Study of Art and Art Education at Freie Hochschule Stuttgart

Shows/ Performances:

  • 2024   UPCOMING: I can see the clouds now, DUO show with Matias Romano Aleman, Galerie des Westens, Bremen
  • 2023   among things 2.0, Performance with Katze Greeven, Tor40 // Güterbahnhof, Bremen
  • 2023   Heavy Light, SOLO show, RaumLinksRechts, Hamburg
  • 2022   To the rottenness I say you are my father,…, Lecture Performance/ Showing, Pedreira/ Marmolprojectroom, Porto(PT)
  • 2022   Down the valley up the hill, SOLO show, Raum für drastische Maßnamen, Friedrichshain, Berlin
  • 2022   reamp, Performance with L. Lindeque, R. Coellen with „hacer sitio corp“ , offspace „Sparkasse Finndorf“, Bremen
  • 2022   Transmissioned, DUO show with Anna Egerter, Kunstmuseum Predigerkirche // Wartburg, Eisenach
  • 2022   On the way off, DUO show with Leon Bohlsen, Kunstverein Osterholz, Bremen
  • 2022   7×288, group show, Tor40, Güterbahnhof/ Areal for art and culture, Bremen
  • 2021   Agency of Organs, Workshop and group show, projectspace Tanke e.V., Hannover
  • 2021   Stories from the Unspectacular, PopUp Show, OInstituto, Porto (PT)
  • 2021   among things with Katze Greeven, Filmscreening, Spedition e.V., Bremen
  • 2021   Transmission with Anna Egerter, Performance, OffSpace „Kaufhaus Steppke“, Eisenach
  • 2021   Addition, Performance, project space Ilka Theurich, Hannover
  • 2020   Intimacy among strangers with Verena Witthuhn, open studio, deliceiras18, Porto (PT)
  • 2019   Flesh Lab  Performance and group show, Güterhalle Ottersberg
  • 2018   deprivation, Performance, Güterhalle Ottersberg
  • 2018   Turno.Uso.Ciclo, Performance, Esto sigue siendo campo, Hybrid Festival Madrid (ES)
  • 2018   shaping cracks, group show, grenz_Gänger, Spedition e.V. Bremen
  • 2018   shaping cracks, Performance, Güterhalle Ottersberg
  • 2017   civilisation, level one, group show Aufgetischt, Hamburg
  • 2017   I can live in an living room, 1. Automaten Futterladen, SOLO show, Bremen


  • 2022   Pedreira, Porto(PT)
  • 2021   OInstituto, Porto (PT)
  • 2020   Samenschool, Antwerp (BE)
  • 2020   deliceiras18, Porto (PT)
Scholarships/ Fundings:
  • 2023   studio grant by Senator für Kultur at „Zentrum für Kunst“, Tabakquartier, Bremen
  • 2022   8. Kunstpreis Ottersberg, short listed
  • 2022   work stipend by STIFTUNG KUNSTFONDS
  • 2022   project funding by Förderverein Thüringer Museen, Eisenach
  • 2021   scholarship NEUSTART KULTUR by Senator für Kultur, Bremen
  • 2021   project funding by Kulturstiftung Flecken Ottersberg
  • 2021   project funding by Kulturförderung Stadt Eisenach