T u r n o . U s o . C i c l o .
2018, 4hours, Esto sigue siendo campo (Hybrid Festival Madrid )

Turn. Use. Cycle.
Referring to the title of the exhibition „There is still field“( Esto sigue siendo campo), I searched for a suitable branch in main park „El Retiro“ in order to be able to use it for the construction of a slingshot.
The title of the exhibition refers to the past of Prosperidad. At the beginning of the 20th century, this area was still the original forest and meadow area and therefore the recreation area of the people of Madrid.
I sawed off the matching branch of a fig tree in the “El Retiro” and carried it through the city for 60 minutes until I arrived in the gallery space.
There I built a slingshot with some simple tools.
To test the functionality of the product, I shot some figs, which where grown on the branch, over the roofs of the neighboring houses after completion of the construction.