Stories from the Unspectacular

PopUp exhibition
residence program OInstituto, Porto (PT)

As a citizen, or as a tourist even more, a big part of the urban space is not accessible. Not physically, neither visually. We are not aware of a huge backyard behind a shoping center. We are not aware of a sewerage under our feed. Many times we are walking through the city and get only the surface of space. Just the „spectacular space“1 is revealed.                                                                                                                  In „Stories from the Unspectacular“ the artist describes an appropriation of urban space with the attitude of a roving landscape painter. He adapts elements of his immediate surroundings, sharpens his eye for the „spectualization“ of urban space, and in doing so he creates his own street romanticism. In the format of a PopUp exhibiton Toni Ehrhardt opened the space as a „natural reserve“ for some of Porto`s inconspicuous street species, that soon will probably become extinct.

1 Guy Debord, „The Society of the Spectacle“, 1967