Photography: Maik Ehrhardt

2021, OffSpace, „Kaufhaus Steppke“, Eisenach

„I like to say algorithms are opinions embedded in code.
Algorithms are not objective – algorithms are optimized for a
particular definition of success.“ (Cathy O`Neil, Data scientist)

Transmission describes a live re-enactment of Martin Luther’s translation of the New Testament in 1521. Using the „Google Translate“ algorithm, the New Testament, which exists online as a freely accessible digital version, was translated from Greek (Novum Testamentum Graece) into German using the simple method of „copy and paste.“ Just as Luther translated the Bible into German in Eisenach at Wartburg Castle in 1521 in 11 weeks, the digital translation program was used to translate the New Testament live over 3 days, 5 hours a day in a room that could be viewed by the public. For this purpose, the vacant „Kaufhaus Steppke“ in the city center of Eisenach was temporarily used as an OffSpace. The audio voice of Google Translate was presented to recipients outside the space on the street through Tranducer boxes. The translated text was printed on site and will be bound into a book.