Photography: Jonas Scharf

2018, 1 ½ hours, Güterhalle Ottersberg

There are pieces of paper on the ground with the inscription:

„Das Ideal der Freiheit des Subjektes, das die bürgerliche Aufklärung angetreten war zu verwirklichen, blieb daher immer auch Schein, da die Freiheit des Geistes mit der Beherrschung des Körpers Hand in Hand geht.“1

(„The ideal of freedom of the subject, which the bourgeois Enlightenment set out to realize, always remained seemingly, since the freedom of the mind goes hand in hand with the mastery of the body.“)

With black tape, a rectangle is placed in the middle of the room. I reach for a motorcycle helmet, which is covered with black tape and put it on. I can not see anymore. I can not hear anything because of the earplugs in my ears. I try to experience the entire space through my sense of touch by pressing along the walls. I orientate myself to realize my goal of running along the walls as fast as possible. I start realizing the different materials on the different positions of the walls. The materials of the walls become known to me.
I‘m getting faster, from time to time colliding with the walls.
The audience starts to interact with me by getting in my way.
I collide with the spectators and finish the performance.

1) aus: Der postmoderne Körper – gelebter Ort der Möglichkeiten; Kunst, Spektakel, Revolution; S. 63